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The era of real estate operation taimukaiqi Noah wealth Real Estate Investment Summit perspective new opportunities – real estate investment Sohu finance for a long time, the real estate has been one of the high net worth population against inflation and wealth of the best investment tools, and even a lot of high net worth assets, real estate investment accounted for long-term firmly occupy the first position. However, in recent years with the relevant departments to continue to overweight regulation policy, coupled with rising prices, the real estate investment will continue to increase wealth of high net worth population escort? Although the current multi city land auction process "the most expensive land are frequent, high net worth population of real estate investment enthusiasm will continue? Real estate investment is really will become chicken ribs? In August 27th, Noah wealth will be held in the real estate investment forum in Beijing, will join the well-known economist, real estate finance chiefs and other senior people in the industry, invite you to explore new investment value of industrial upgrading, integration of resources city, sharing across the economic cycle and market fluctuations in the real estate investment wisdom. It is reported that the real estate investment forum will invite insite Asset Management Ltd. CEO Hugo Mao Daqing, founder of acute hearing workshop, BlackRock China estate director Peng Lei, tongchangsheng industry founder Tang Yao and other real estate industry experts, together with you to hold the new change the real estate industry, and in advance before the layout of the new change the real estate investment opportunities. There comes the era of real estate operation agency survey found that over the past few years, outperforming the money M2 about 14% annualized growth of only two investment products: one is the Shanghai car license, two is the core area of first-tier cities housing prices rose. This is also driven by the large number of high net worth population will be the main wealth to invest in the real estate sector, in addition to direct holdings of real estate, they will purchase all kinds of financial products linked to real estate development, the real estate developers building houses, or with considerable investment income. However, with the cost of getting higher and higher, the real estate business simply to get to – Development – sales model can continue to create a huge wealth effect, is becoming an unknown. Data show that in July China’s major cities in the supply of commercial housing with the chain greatly reduced. Among them, the first tier cities decreased by nearly 20% last month, down by 25%. Two or three line city, the chain fell by about 20% and the city of about three, the supply of more than 70% cities lower than last year’s average. This means that the traditional real estate "with – Development – sales model is facing new regulatory pressure, may not be able to finish the sales to give investors the principal interest. More importantly, with the real estate control policies continue to overweight, more and more institutions worried that the price might Chonggao down, make the corresponding real behavior and real estate financial products investment facing higher risk. "This means that the value of real estate investment aura is fading." Insiders pointed out that, in fact, a large number of real estate development companies are also aware of the advent of industry change, is becoming a real estate operation and management company. Compared with the traditional with the development of sales, real estate operations more test managers management capabilities, but it also brings to real estate companies sustainable profit model and the ability to create wealth. Shuo相关的主题文章:

Tap dancing songbirds using non linguistic sounds of courtship (video)

Tap dancing songbirds using non linguistic sounds it’s not just about the speed of courtship. Known in the courtship dance only fast songbirds tap, with their feet to produce more noise than other times during this period. Relevant results published in the days before the "bio acoustics" magazine. From East Africa blue Grenadier was given a Broadway star quality: eye-catching beauty, big voice and superb dance skills. They were so fast that they were not noticed until 2015. At the time, Masayo Soma and colleagues from the Hokkaido University in Japan captured these performances by high-speed photography. Long blue Grenadier this is a swing only with the feet to shuffle as many as 50 times a second frequency on a perch. The study found that unusually loud voice will the birds in tapdance: use enough power to knock the pace of branches, to produce an average of 30 decibels. For not performing in the courtship dance of the blue top Grenadier, the jump step when percussion sound produced branches usually reduced to 20 db. This indicates the formation of tapdance when the sound may be intentional, and is an important signal to attract a mate. "We fully believe that the blue Grenadier tap dance is an important part of the courtship process." Soma said, but it is very difficult to explain exactly how important this dance will be. Christopher Clark, from the University of California at Riverside, is a study of the nonverbal communication of animals, that is, the pronunciation of animals". He believes that provides reasonable explanation of blue Grenadier tap dance belongs to the "pronunciation" classification of the latest research. However, more research is needed to reinforce this view. Mother nature: a singing sparrow相关的主题文章:

Do not believe in war in this regard, iphone7 can only be reciprocal – People’s communication

Do not believe in this war to   iPhone7 is only a reciprocal communication channel — original title: do not believe in this respect to war is the reciprocal of iPhone7 only with the advent of iPhone7, I believe that many consumers began kidney pain, in addition to upgrade to the new color is more powerful A10 processor, more the stored version, increase the life of waterproof and bright blind, iPhone7 Plus is to increase the rear dual lens to enhance the camera experience. However, the new machine is still the existence of a short board or escape but careful users, which is now a hot topic in the mobile phone – fast charge. The new iPhone and the previous generation, seems to be in the Android camp is fast charge the thousand yuan standard is not interested, adhere to the self. So far, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that there are some drawbacks of fast charging for mobile phones or batteries. So for the user experience has always been based on apple, in this little thing on the attitude of how much will be somewhat puzzled. Today, we’ll take a look at the current popular several support fast charging smartphone performance exactly how. Do not believe in this war to iPhone7 is only a double reciprocal charge known as core Nubia Z11 borderless Z9 Nubian shortly before the new machine, a new flagship product Nubia Z11 continuation of the Z9 classic design and visual frame on this basis, improve the hardware performance and the camera, battery life and other commonly used functions the strength of. Prior to Z9 although good-looking, but I always have a regret that the machine does not belong to the same period in the configuration of the most high-end range. This little regret in the new Z11 on the perfect solution, the use of Xiaolong 820 processor, it can not replace the yen value plus, I believe many of my friends and I have the same idea, this machine has no reason to refuse what. Figure Nubia Z11 black version of the Nubia Z11, the continuation of the border without Z9 design, but the difference is the Nubia Z11 thinner, the whole thickness of only 7.5mm, 1.4mm less than Z9. In the configuration, as the new flagship of this year, if there is no new Xiaolong 820 processor is feel shy to say hello, Nubia Z11 is equipped with 820 processors, 16 million rear +800 million front camera combination, the battery capacity of 3000 mah. As before, Z11 supports dual card dual standby full Netcom, and SIM card 2 in TF card slot can be shared, maximum support 200GB memory expansion. Due to the adoption of Qualcomm 820 SoC, Z11 supports Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging technology. Figure Nubia Z11 Black Edition editor comments: Nubia Z11 this mobile phone can be called "the absolute flagship" this title, its body is bright, like no borders, the strongest performance, FiT border interaction technology, super ability to take pictures, "soft and hard" with life, "there are" really is full)相关的主题文章: